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Agile Modeling

Model-Driven Development (MDD), a.k.a. Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE), is a Model-Based Engineering sub-discipline that specializes in software-intensive applications. Model-Driven Development emphasizes the application of model-driven technologies to software development activities during the Software Development Life Cycle, such as requirements analysis, software analysis, software design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

You can find out more about visual modeling languages for Model-Driven Development on the Visual Modeling Forum.

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Agile Modeling
Agile Modeling is a Model-Based Engineering subdiscipline that specializes in the use of visual modeling techniques, typically using UML diagrams, to supplement Agile Software development methods (e.g., Scrum). In contrast to Model-Driven Development methods that emphasize heavyweight modeling techniques (e.g., Round-Trip Engineering, where model = software code), Agile Modeling techniques tend to be less rigorous (e.g., “UMLasSketch”).
Paradigm Characteristics:
System Development Paradigms => Model-Based Engineering =>
Agile Modeling

General purpose?
Promotes open standards?
Supports Agile Development?
Automated tool support?

Enabling Technologies

  • Languages: UML 2 subset
  • Architecture Frameworks: N/A
  • Software/System Development Processes: Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal, …

Agile Modeling methods have evolved in parallel with Agile software development methods to help compensate for weaknesses of the latter in regard to Software Design, Software Architecture, and system documentation.
  • Primary Users: Agile Software Developers
  • Other Users: N/A
Estimated Number of Users: N/A
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